Common FAQ

Atrise Software Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Key Questions

I downloaded a free trial version. Now the trial is expired. What to do next?

When your trial gets expired, you can purchase this program and receive a registration key. Just enter this registration key into the program, to unlock it to a full mode.

Why does the installed software say that I have a non-registered version after I start it?

Atrise programs require a registration key to be entered in order to unlock to a full version.

What is a “Registration Key”?

It also known as a “license key”. You will receive this key, which consists of numbers and digits, after your purchase.

A key example:


You can enter the registration key into the installed program. Atrise programs usually have a menu item “Registration” or alike, where this key can be entered. It unlocks the software for a full use.

My registration key doesn't work.

Please make sure that you enter every symbol as you see it in the email with the registration key. Most registration keys are case-sensitive, i.e. upper-case and lower-case letters must be entered exactly as given. It is recommended to use the copy and paste commands instead of typing the code by hand.

Paste key from the clipboard

Check that you have installed your licensed version and edition. Most of Atrise licenses are valid within the same major version upgrades.

Also make sure that you have bough the program you wanted. It happened that users would buy an absolutely different program.

I own a personal license. May I install the program on several computers?

In some cases it is possible. Please refer to the license terms on the software order page.

I have lost my key. How to do?

Contact Atrise Author and describe your situation. Please include the approximate date when you purchased the program and your contact information used. Author can try to find purchase records and re-send you your registration key if it is still available on a reseller service. But in most cases it is impossible because the author itself does not keep any personal data.

Software Questions

Where to get a technical documentation?

Visit the software homepage for latest versions, usage instructions, user manuals and other documentation.

I have questions about the program. Who do I have to ask them?

Ask Atrise author. You will get an answer by email.

I did not receive any reply from the author.

Atrise author tries to reply as soon as possible, usually within the same business day. In some cases please wait up to two business days.

Make sure that emails from are not blocked by your spam filter and your email service is working. Try Google Mail.

Also some users enter incorrect email address, so the author cannot contact you. Please contact us again later with a correct email.

Can I call your technical support by phone?

No, you cannot. We provide no support service.

Order-Related Questions

How to buy it?

Visit the software homepage for purchase prices, license terms, order links.

We strongly recommend to download the demo version first to see if our product fits your needs.

Once you have purchased a selected license, a license key will be sent to you via email to unlock the software for full use. To prevent delivery troubles use Google Mail.

How long should I wait after the payment?

Orders are generally processed immediately, but may take up to two business days. If you do not receive the registration key by email within two business days, please double check your email service for anti-spam blocks. Also contact the author.

How do I get the purchased software?

Atrise software is available for immediate download. You can also re-download the purchased software anytime from the software download page. Download your licensed version and edition.

I purchased the software, but haven't received an email with the registration code to unlock it.

Make sure that emails from are not blocked by your spam filter in the email program or on the mail server. You can contact our reseller support service to request resending the registration key. If this doesn't help, contact the author—Andrew will resend you a new registration key. We strongly recommend you to use Google Mail in this case.

It's been several hours since I paid for my order, but I still didn't receive the registration key. What should I do?

In some cases credit card payment takes about 4 hours to process the payment and send you the registration key. Normally that takes just a few minutes. For some license options we process your order manually. In this case the delivery time may stretch for up to two business days.

How secure is my order?

When you place an order, your credit card information is sent directly to our e-commerce provider via a secure SSL channel so that no one can intercept your personal data. We use the worlds leading third party e-commerce providers for orders. They are VeriSign secure and are considered the world most secure credit card payment providers.

The program does not run/runs with errors on my computer. Can I get a refund?

Yes, it is possible within 30 days after purchase, if the author cannot help you with a software bug-fix. Contact the Author directly first. Most software errors may be fixed within two days.

Will I have access to free upgrades?

This depends on the software licensing policy. Minor upgrades, like from version 2.0 to 2.2 are free. Major upgrades, like from version 2.2 to version 3.0 are paid in most cases, but the upgrade price is usually less than the new program license price.

Other Questions

Where is an old Atrise software like Everyfind?

Sorry, the legacy Atrise programs are no more available to download. They are not developed anymore many years and probably not compatible with modern hardware and OS versions.

The information you required was not included in this page.

Feel free to contact the author. Also read our reseller payment service q&a article here: PayPro Global Customer Care Center.