Cooperation with Atrise

Let's make our joint Internet better.

Atrise creates software products. Perhaps you have something useful, too. Tell me about your ideas. Please do not spam me. I am a self-sufficient person, and will not pay for third party commercial offers.

For Software Translators

Most of Atrise software has a possibility to show localized texts. If you like it, send me your translation. I will give you a personal license in return. The license will be valid all time if you agree to support your work.

Want to Get a Program but You Have no Money

Perhaps you have a lot of friends, a blog, or you are an active member of a forum. Write an article about Atrise programs, recommend it to friends, or do something useful. I will review your work as a payment for the cost of registration. But please, do not write too laudatory texts. Write your personal objective opinion. I do not need a repulsive advertising.

For Software Archive Owners

You can add my programs to your software archives. But, please, do not use my texts. Write your own reviews. The Internet is not a dump. And this does not work for SEO.

I do not offer affiliate discounts for archive owners, until you prove that are interested in real selling my software. Just adding a link is not a selling.

About Atrise Author is owned by independent software developer Andrew Revvo. Also Andrew writes open source video software.

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