How to Use Computer as an Alarm Clock

Atrise Wakeup. Musical alarm clock for Windows

Why to Use a Computer as a Clock?

As an alarm clock, you can use wristwatch, a mobile phone, smartphone and other devices that are specifically designed to signal you. But sometimes we do not hear the signals.

In that case, you can use loud devices, such as a Hi-Fi audio system connected to a computer. Or use computer itself.

Wakeup as a Computer Clock Solution

Atrise Wakeup as an alarm clock

We have developed a special program that will help you wake up, loudly playing music of your choice. The program is easy to use and contains the minimum required for this functionality, without all the extra.

Alarm clock in Windows tray

You may have noticed that your computer can go to sleep or shut down if idle. But do not worry, our program will make sure that does not happen.