Atrise Wakeup

Music alarm clock software for Windows PC
Wakeup in a Tray

This program is a PC alarm clock with musical alarms.

Get additional awakening reliably if you cannot awake with using your alarm-clock or cell phone.

How to Use this Program?

Connect a loud hi-fi sound system to your PC or notebook. Start the program.

Setup your wakeup time, then select your preferred music or a video file to wakeup. Or use our beautiful crisp music from Trancein for comfort and efficient awakening.

Setup a comfort sound volume. Then go to sleep. You will get additional awakening reliably.

Wakeup Screenshot

Recommended For

  • Students, schoolboys;
  • Workers and business persons;
  • Who wants additional awakening reliably.

Special Features

  • Your computer will not go to sleep mode.
  • Special licensed wakeup sound file.
  • It can play audio or video files.
  • Tray icon.
  • Portable mode is supported.
  • Test mode playback.
  • The simplest user interface.

Why to Use a Computer as an Alarm Clock?

As an alarm clock, you can use wristwatch, a mobile phone, smartphone and other devices that are specifically designed to signal you. But sometimes we do not hear the signals.

In that case, you can use loud devices, such as a Hi-Fi audio system connected to a computer. Or use the computer itself.

Why this Alarm Clock Is Created?

Some important events of our lives just would not take place ever, because the author of the program almost overslept for an appointment. Loud signal is the key!

The program is easy to use and contains the minimum required for this functionality, without all the extra.

Wakeup Awards
You may have noticed that your computer can go to sleep or shut down if idle. But do not worry, our program will make sure that does not happen.

Ready to test it on your Windows computer?

There is a free trial that works 30 days. Try it before your buy.

Download Atrise Wakeup
The latest 3.x.x, free 30-day trial.
Installer executable, 1.4 MB

32 or 64 bit Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 are supported.
Windows® Media Player is recommended to be installed on Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Portable mode.

To uninstall use standard Windows settings: Start → Settings → Apps & features. Click the Atrise Wakeup icon and then click Uninstall.

Wakeup Updates and Improvements

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author to fix. We can help many users worldwide.