How to Run or Stop Program
Automatically on a Schedule

Atrise TVP. Loop Video Player for Public and Business Places

Using Task Scheduler

You can play and stop video on a schedule. To do it, create a schedule item.

Press Win+R or click to Start → Run.

Type: Taskschd.msc

You must create a schedule item with a correct directory.

Specify value Start in in the scheduler. It is a directory, where your playlist is located.

By default it is C:\Users\All Users\Atrise\TVP\

Probably your PC will have another directory. You can find it:

Right click to the shortcut Edit Terminal Video Player Playlist.

Follow: Properties → Shortcut → Start in:

Stopping of a Video Playback

To stop video playback on a schedule you can create this command:

taskkill /im Tvp.exe /f

It is safe to terminate the program using taskkill.