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Debug your PHP code in a browser with convenient minimalistic user interface and event logging. Compatible with PHP 5.0+.

Single PHP file contains a script event engine with a professional user interface code. You can catch here PHP asserts, notices, warnings, errors and your own output. You can also see here global arrays, cookies, variables and other important script environment information.

Why not To Use print_r?

PHP has a lot of special debugging functions: print_r, var_export, debug_zval_dump, debug_backtrace. This works fine with very simple learning scripts. But complex scripts and classes require IDE or special tricks.

The PHP Script Debugger allows to debug complex scripts online without server-side debug software installations.

The script includes a special error-catch engine with advanced user interface. You can debug HTML, text and binary output (images, pdf, zip). A special logging engine allows you to show errors and messages from a deep part of PHP code and even from a gzipped output or OB code.

PHP Script Debugger Screenshot

Atrise PHP Script Debugger Screenshot

PHP Compatibility

This is a PHP 5.0.0+ class with autodetect of later version features. Output HTML is a clean XHTML5 code. It is compatible with IE 6+ and all major web browsers.

Single Include, Single File

Only one include line is required to enable it. You can also use class autoloading.

Output DIV

PSD shows compact information panels over a debugging page.

Debug Output

You can output your own plain texts and HTML code from any part of your script.

Global Variables

PSD allows you to control all global variables and cookies.

Script Information

PSD shows you important script execute information.

Script Benchmarking

PSD shows you a script execution time and a time between any of specified parts.

No Ugly PHP Output

PSD hides ugly output of PHP messages.

PHP Messages

PSD catches PHP notices, assertions, warnings, errors and your own log messages.

PHP Variables

You can output variables, arrays, objects and use standard PHP debugging functions.

Code Highlighting

A special mode allows you to show a HTML source instead of a page output.

Binary Output

It allows you to debug output of images or any binary content without special tricks.


You can enable PSD only for selected IP or by password.

Ready to test it?

There is a free demo to download with examples. Get it before your buy.

Atrise PHP Script Debugger Projects
The latest 4.x.x, free demo examples.
ZIP archive, 0.1 MB

PHP 5.0.0+, IE6+ are supported. Compatible with any Linux, Mac or Windows PHP-enabled web server.

Atrise PSD Updates and Improvements

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author to fix. We can help many users worldwide.