Atrise Find Bad Information

Scan Files on Failure Flash Cards, CD/DVD or HDD/SSD for Reading. Very Fast
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This program checks a failure drive for read errors. It shows error reading files even if computer freezes when accessing a bad block.

I wrote this program when I had a HDD failure to find out which file I cannot copy, because when I tried to keep the disk, the laptop just hangs without giving any failure information. This program helped me.

Use this program also to check old CD/DVD collection or old drives. It saves my time. Author hope this program will help you, too.

Very Easy To Find Read Errors

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Bad Block Scanning Features

  • Scan your HDD or SSD files for soft bad blocks and true bad blocks.
  • Get full file name path of the bad file even if the computer get frozen.
  • Not scans free space to keep your time.
  • Scan old PC DVD or CD for bad reading files.
  • Scan USB flash cards for bad reading.
  • Scan any directory and file system device you can access from Windows.
  • Color notifications and scan log.

How It Scans Failure Drives

It scans every file on every folder on the checking drive. You can scan a whole drive or a folder. If program cannot read a file, it shows a message. In some cases your PC may get frozen. But you able to see the failure file.

If scan is successful, you see a green message:

Scan Completed

If bad reading files are found, you will see a red message:

Bad Block Is Found

Helps if Computer Hangs

Atrise FBI shows a full path to the current checking file, so it is very useful to find bad files even if your computer get frozen.

Computer Hangs

Remember a full path to the file and restart your computer to skip this file when backup.

If you scan a CD/DVD or USB flash card media, just eject it.

Portable Mode for Scanning

Registered users can install Atrise FBI to a flash drive to use it in a portable mode. Just copy all the files from the program folder, or install it directly to your USB flash card.

Ready to scan drives on your computer?

There is a free trial that works 30 days. Very useful to check everything for free. Try it before your buy.

Download Find Bad Information
The latest 2.x.x, free 30-day demo.
Installer executable, 0.5 MB

32 or 64 bit Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 are supported. Works in a portable mode.

To uninstall use standard Windows settings: Start → Settings → Apps & features. Click the Atrise FBI icon and then click Uninstall.

Atrise FBI Updates and Improvements

If you have found a bug or an issue, feel free to report it to the author to fix. We can help many users worldwide.